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Momoka Sakurai is the protagonist of the manga series Wrist-Cut Transformation Subculture Menhera. Her name after transformation is Menhera Pink.


Momoka has Pink hair held in ponytails, black eyes, and fair skin. She's often seen in her school uniform.

During her transformation, her hair turns amaranth pink and her pigtails are held up by lavender bows. She wears a pink Wrist-Cut Warrior uniform that has a lavender bow with a red heart in the center, and a lilac choker with a golden kagome crest. She wears a pair of white thigh highs and a pair of black loafers on her feet. She wears bandages on her left arm, indicating that she's right-handed.

Momoka's Knife is yellow with a red heart, as shown in her reference. Her knife actually varies from the other warriors, as the other knives have the same colour scheme as their user's bow. Momoka's knife does not follow this pattern.


Momoka is a girl who usually keeps to herself. She had a rough childhood, and is still trying to live through it.

Momoka can be rude sometimes, which is often around Sumire. However, she can also be very sweet and kind, for example towards Ougi Shota and Angura-chan

Momoka is also popular in school, and has been bullied occasionally by her classmates due to jealously. This jealousy is what made Momoka into Menhera-chan.


Momoka, a girl frequently subjected to bullying, found herself targeted once more when three envious classmates launched an attack against her. Thankfully, Usatan intervened, rescuing her and making her a Wrist-Cut Warrior. Although it turned out to be a dream, the transformation's effects are tangible and will persist in Momoka's life.

In Momoka's second battle, Momoka is struck by fire but is saved by Sumire, as she is unable to protect herself. She doesn't take the defense lightly, however, and gets stubborn whenever she is treated as if she's a damsel in distress.

Momoka has been alone her entire life. Her mother committed suicide, her father "always had to go on business trips", never coming home, and she had no siblings.


Majestic Shield: Used in chapter 1. As the name tells, it's a defense spell. Momoka uses this during her transformation to protect herself from evil spirits.

Lovely Death Cut: Used in chapter 1. Momoka slashes her target with a box cutter, killing them instantly. A large explosion erupts upon death, but leaves the victim (of the evil spirit) unharmed.

Sabukaru Menhera Dream Attack: Shown in chapter 4. Momoka merges her powers with Sumire's to create the ultimate attack to defeat Sensei's evil spirit.

Subculmenheradream Cannon: Shown in chapter 5. Upon recovering, Momoka merges her power with Himeko and Sumire to create an attack to kill the evil spirit which attacked them. The heart attack says "killing".



  • It is hinted in a lot of Menhera-chan official art that her favorite fruit is strawberries. However, this could just be a hint from Bisuko, as he revealed that strawberry (accessories) are his favorite.
  • According to Bisuko, pink means love and happiness. Ironically, Momoka doesn't match that.